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Financial Disclosure

Name Entity Relationship Benefit to Individual Benefit to Institution Rick Varma (chair) None N/A Andrew Grulich Seqirus Grant/grants pending X Cancer Council NSW Grant/grants pending X American Foundation for AIDS Research Grant/grants pending X Gilead Educational presentations X Merck Educational presentations X NHMRC Travel expenses X Cure Cancer Australia Advisory Board Member X NSW Ministry …

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The Australian Commentary has been written and reviewed by members of the ASHM Sub-Committee for Guidance on HIV Management in Australia. The members of the Sub-Committee are listed below: Name Affiliation Position Rick Varma Chair appointed by ASHM Board Senior Staff Specialist (Sexual Health) and Clinical Services Manager, Sydney Sexual Health Adam Bartlett Invited Member …

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Appendix B: Drug Characteristics Table

LINKS TO TABLES HERE Table 1: Coformulated and Copackaged Antiretroviral Regimens AU Commentary: Table 1 Stribild – this product has been removed from the market in Australia, access to generic equivalents are NOT available. Atripla – this product has been removed from the market in Australia– access to generic equivalent is available and reimbursed via …

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Study and Trial Names

Acronym/Abbreviation Name ACTG AIDS Clinical Trials Group ADVANCE Assessing Donor Variability And New Concepts in Eligibility ARDENT ACTG A5257 trial ARTEMIS Affordability and Real-world Antiplatelet Treatment Effectiveness After Myocardial Infarction Study ATLAS Antiretroviral Therapy as Long-Acting Suppression D:A:D Data Collection on Adverse Events of Anti-HIV Drugs ECHO Evidence for Contraceptive Options in HIV ENCORE Evaluation …

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General Terms

Acronym/Abbreviation Definition 17-BMP beclomethasone 17-monopropionate ACA Affordable Care Act ADAP AIDS Drug Assistance Program Ag/Ab antigen/antibody Al aluminum ALT alanine aminotransferase AMP average manufacturer price ART antiretroviral therapy ARTAS Anti-Retroviral Treatment and Access to Services ARV antiretroviral ASP average sales price AST aspartate aminotransferase AUC area under the curve AUD alcohol use disorder AUDIT-C Alcohol …

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Drug Name Abbreviations

AU Comment: Zidovudine The DHHS guidelines refer to Zidovudine using the acronym ‘ZDV’ however in Australian settings it referred to using the acronym ‘AZT’. Acronym/Abbreviation Definition 3TC lamivudine ABC abacavir ATV atazanavir ATV/c atazanavir/cobicistat ATV/r atazanavir/ritonavir BIC bictegravir CAB cabotegravir CAB-LA cabotegravir long-acting COBI or c cobicistat d4T stavudine ddI didanosine DLV delavirdine DOR doravirine …

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Appendix A: Key to Acronyms

This section has information on Appendix A: Key to Acronyms. Please click on the below links or follow the table of contents to access the information you are looking for. Study and Trial Names Drug Name Abbreviations General Terms

Interactions between INSTI & NNRTI or PI

AU Comment: INSTI and NNRTI regimen switches INSTI metabolism via CYP3A4, concurrent use with inducers results in diminished INSTI plasma concentration – advise caution when switching from NNRTI-based to INSTI-based ART regimens due to NNRTI half-life and resolution of induction effect AU Comment: Etravirine and cobicistat boosted Integrase regimens Etravirine (ETR) is not recommended in …

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Interactions between PIs and NNRTIs

Table 25a. Interactions Between Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors and Protease Inhibitors Note: Interactions associated with DLV, FPV, IDV, NFV, TPV, and SQV are not included in this table. Please refer to the Food and Drug Administration product labels for information regarding interactions between these drugs and other concomitant drugs. Rilpivirine (RPV) intramuscular (IM) is not included in this …

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